Homeowner Energy Consultancy

If you are a homeowner who is not currently intending to sell their home you can still choose to commission an ENERGY ASSESSMENT in order to establish the Energy Efficiency and Environmental impact rating of your home.

 With recent increases in fuel prices, and the prospect of further rises to come, it now costs the average homeowner more than 1,000 per year to heat the home and provide hot water.
In general, in homes that are more than 10 years old there are cost effective measures available to reduce this by hundreds of pounds each year.
There are also other expensive 'improvements' which will not be anything like so effective in reducing your bills. 
Using the same technology and methods as used to provide EPC's we can advise on the best measures for your property. Often we can advise in cases where Government grants are available to subsidise (upto 100% in some cases) the cost of work to improve the efficiency of your home.
Energy Consultancy Assessments cost from 50, provide you the homeowner with a full report, and recommendations that can potentially save you hundreds of pounds on your home runing costs.
Contact us to book an appointment or to discuss any questions that you may have. Assessments can be carried out evenings and weekends at no additional cost.